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Creating custom stationery and accessories  has not alone become a source of income, but has also become a hobby that I'm passionate about. Each time I create something new, I make sure its something that I would give a stamp of approval and is also a creative replica of the passion my heart outpours. 

Formally known as, De'Kea Tro'vonta-Simone Rayford, and from there is the derivation of D. Simone Creates. I've always had a eye for detail and apprecitated art as well as technology. I often feel that graphic design gives a fusion of the two in some sense.


Aside from being an artsy tech nerd, I enjoy having the opportunity to bring life to client's ideas and visions through precise placement and an artistic flair. 


A designer through hobby, I possess a Bachelor's degree in sociology and currently pursuing a Master's in data analytics. Much of my skills have been self-taught but I am always looking for ways to enhance my skills.


I hope you will have a blast browsing the site and come back regularly to see if there are any updates. 

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